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A mobile solution allowing you to sign up your Care Recipients in one visit whilst meeting all your compliance requirements.

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Why choose
Care Collaborator?

Never worry about the security of care recipient data.

We use Australian-based servers so you know that your data is compliant with legislation.
By using Care Collaborator you know that your consumers’ data is always secure and compliant with data protection laws.

Integrate your existing systems.

Stop manually reentering or transferring data.
Link up your rostering, scheduling, and finance systems with secure API integrations.
Become more efficient, create one source of truth, and save time and money.

Compliant legal agreements

No need to hunt around for legal templates as we use the Russell Kennedy, who specialise in Aged Care, Home Care Agreement. This is continually updated with legislation changes.

Create a seamless onboarding experience.

Customise our tool to look like your organisation.
Provide a seamless, digital experience to your care recipients, and gain a brand reputation of providing excellent experiences from the very start.

Track your care recipients' Risks & Alerts

Make sure you know each of your care recipients’ Risks & Alerts and keep track of them. You can add notes on each of them and sorts by the different categories. This is required for compliance purposes.

Get home care budgeting right on the first visit.

Our ‘what If’ scenario tool helps your team work out the right balance of care and cost.
Walk through budgeting with your care recipients, help them feel involved in their own care.
Be sure they get the right level of care, customised to their budget requirements.

Stop getting lost in legislation updates

It’s difficult and time consuming to keep on top of legal and financial legislation changes.
Use automatically updated Russell Kennedy legal Agreements.
With our automatic updates of the Home Care funding and NDIS pricing you can be sure your budgets are always compliant too.

What you can save

Paper based consumer on-boarding in home care is still very common despite the fact that a Home Care Provider can reduce costs by up to 30% by going digital.  For example:

Some of our Home Care Features

Our software has everything you need to make your onboarding process more efficient and enjoyable, for your team and your care recipients. 


Generate a Russell Kennedy Home Care/Disability Agreement or use your own.


Attach multiple annexures to the Agreements


Create a detailed individualised budget based on the care recipients’ approved funding and required expenditure.

Budget Checklist

Uses checklist approach and provides “what if” scenarios in real time ensuring the care recipient is happy with the end result.

Care Plan

Create a care plan to document the care recipient’s goals, resource and support requirements.

Compliance – Notes

Progress, Risk & Alert Type Notes accessible for audit requirements.

Care Plan

Care Collaborator provides an easy and intuitive way for the Care Advisor to create a Care Plan in collaboration with the Consumer to document:

Consumer Goals – what the consumer would like to achieve through their package
Care and Services to support the consumer’s assessed care needs and identified goals
Frequency of formal reassessments

Service Schedule

Easily create a detailed service schedule of all services and purchases required to provide support for your Consumer.

Type of support services and/or purchases required

Frequency of when services/purchases are to be provided

Number of units required

Preferred days and times for support services to be provided

Preferred service providers


Create a detailed individualised budget of all income and expenditure based on many income and expenditure variables such as:

Government subsidies – determined from the ACAT assessment

Government supplements – assessed by the Case Manager/Care Advisor

Income tested fees – calculated based on the consumer’s income and financial assets

Basic daily care fees, administration charge, case management and contingency

Home Care Agreement

Generate the Home Care Package CDC Agreement at the time of collecting information from your Consumer.

Uses the Russell Kennedy Home Care Agreement, who specialise in the aged care sector, ensuring compliance with legislation at all times.

Consumer signs the documentation via the mobile device and the process is completed at the initial visit
Paper and printing is reduced. The agreement is automatically emailed to the Consumer when signed
Care and services can be provided straight away and the provider can start claiming the government subsidies

Legislation Changes

Care Collaborator automatically updates the government subsidies and supplements as they change, ensuring the correct figures are used in your Consumer’s budget calculations.

Supplier Management

Care Collaborator allows you to easily manage all of your Suppliers in one place.

Supplier services

Pricing of services

Our Clients

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