Achieving Buy-In for Your Customer Experience Improvement Plan in Aged and Disability Care

Enhancing the customer experience (CX) is not a solo mission—it’s a collaborative endeavour that demands commitment from every level of your organisation. From frontline teams to top-level executives, each individual shapes the CX. This framework holds even greater significance in the aged and disability care sector, given its direct influence on the quality of care delivered. Let’s join forces and make every interaction count!

Why CX Improvement Is Important:

Firstly, it’s essential to communicate why CX improvement is crucial. A positive CX can help build strong relationships with care recipients and their families(1) in an industry where trust and compassion are paramount. This approach can yield remarkable results by fostering higher satisfaction levels, cultivating loyalty, and generating positive word-of-mouth referrals. Moreover, an enhanced customer experience can streamline operations, mitigating inefficiencies and costs.

Adhering to Legal Requirements – The Aged Care Charter:

While planning for CX improvement, it’s crucial to consider the legal requirements in the aged and disability care segment. The Charter of Aged Care Rights stipulates that all Australian Government-funded aged care providers must uphold specific consumer rights(2). These rights include safe and high-quality care, respect for dignity, and validation of identity, culture, and diversity. Therefore, any CX improvement plan must align with these rights to ensure compliance.

Incorporating Onboarding Software:

One practical way to enhance CX while adhering to the Aged Care Charter is by implementing efficient onboarding software. Properly executed, this software can significantly reduce onboarding time, automate workflows, and increase care recipient satisfaction. It can also ensure that all necessary data is collected and handled correctly, respecting care recipients’ rights (3).

Getting Team Buy-In:

To secure buy-in from your team for your CX improvement plan:

  1. Communicate the Benefits: Explain how the improvement will benefit the customers and the business. This could be through better care recipient satisfaction scores, increased efficiencies, or improved compliance.
  2. Clarify Roles: Ensure everyone understands their role in the process. This clarity can foster a sense of ownership and responsibility.
  3. Provide Regular Updates: Keep the team informed about the plan’s progress. Celebrate milestones and successes to maintain motivation.
  4. Training: Provide comprehensive training sessions for new procedures or software implementations, guaranteeing that all individuals have the required skills and knowledge. This ensures a well-prepared and proficient workforce.

Achieving buy-in for your CX improvement plan in the aged and disability care industry involves clear communication, respect for legal requirements, and efficient use of technology. By rallying your team towards delivering an exceptional experience for your care recipients, you can elevate your service delivery to new heights.


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