Changing Home Care Providers

From 27 February 2017 home care packages will follow the consumer and no longer belong to the home care provider, making it much easier for the consumer to change service providers. What this means is that the consumer’s unspent funds from their existing service provider, less any exit fee, will be transferred to the new service provider for the consumer’s use.

It is the responsibility of the consumer to let their existing service provider know that they intend to leave their service. The consumer will give the appropriate notice, in accordance with any notice period stated in their Home Care Agreement and in compliance with the legislative rules governing home care, and then agree on a cessation date.

The cessation date is very important as that allows the existing service provider to know when to stop services and stop claiming the home care subsidy for that consumer. It also allows the maximum time to finalise the consumer’s account and calculate their unspent funds.

The start date for the new service provider will be on or after the cessation date of the consumer’s existing service provider. To ensure there is no gap in services to that consumer, the date notified by the new service provider on the Aged Care Entry Record will be the same as the cessation date which is why it is so important to confirm that date with the consumer and existing service provider. If there is an overlap in the subsidy claim the funding for that particular day will be paid to the existing service provider, so agreeing on that date is crucial. The way it works is that the existing service provider doesn’t receive payment for the cessation day, the new service provider does as they will be providing services to that consumer on that day.

The existing service provider has to notify the Department of Human Services (DHS) via the aged care payment system within 31 days that the consumer is ceasing services with them.

The new service provider is required to notify DHS within 28 days that the consumer is starting care with them by submitting the Aged Care Entry Record (ACER).

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