Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) – How do you work out your unit price?

Based on the introduction of a Single In-Home Care Program to be introduced by the Australian Government by July 2023, replacing the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and the Home Care Packages Program, it will be critical that you understand the costs that make up your unit price.

Your hourly costs would be made up of the following:

Care Worker hourly rate & on costs including:

· Superannuation

· Workcover (work out a cost per worker)

· Payroll Tax (if applicable)

All costs associated with the care worker such as:

· Kilometres paid (maybe use an average rate per trip) or cost of car provided

· Training

· PPE (higher during COVID)

Admin Costs, including:

· Intake & Rostering staff (split between different programs)

· Corporate Services charge (usually a % charged to each program).

Add up the costs to determine how much it costs you to provide one hour of service. You can then compare that to the government funding you receive, as that will help you work out the hourly fee you have to charge your clients to cover whatever the funding doesn’t, including a profit margin.

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