Consumer Directed Care – Are there savings to be made?

With the introduction of Consumer Directed Care, Home Care Providers have been focused on making changes to software and practices to accommodate changes to legislation. While the Industry focused on those necessary changes, Care Collaborator took the opportunity to think of ‘what next’. After some preliminary market research, we decided to build software that ‘automates’ on-boarding and package reviews. Why, you may ask, well, put very simply, there are costs savings to be made through automation.Let me explain, based on the market research we identified it takes a minimum of 2 home visits with a consumer (in addition to phone calls) to ‘on-board’ or “review” their Plan, including the Budget. Consequently, we realised through building software that would support undertaking these processes in one visit, there was the potential to deliver Providers considerable savings.

The table below outlines some saving examples.

It is not always about the savings. Automating this process provides benefits to all 3 parties.

  1. Case Managers have time to focus on their consumers and not worry about being weighed down by paperwork.
  2. Consumers feel part of the process as they see their Care Plan and Budget being created or changed as they engage with their Case Manager.
  3. Providers get to minimise delays in starting the consumer services and claiming the funding immediately.

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