Consumer Directed Care (CDC) – Systems for Efficient Data Flows

Now that you have embedded Consumer Directed Care into your organisation, it’s time to review your processes ensuring you are running efficiently as possible before the next reforms hit in February 2017.

You need 3 systems in order to run Consumer Directed Care efficiently:

  1. Consumer on-boarding
  2. Client Management
  3. Financial Reporting

Re-keying data into multiple systems is a time waster and increases the risk of errors. You have to determine:

  • Which system you initially key the data into; and
  • What data has to be integrated into other systems

It is essential that you make these processes as efficient as possible.


Initial consumer details are entered into this system in order to generate the Home Care Agreement, Care Plan, Service Schedule and Individualised Budget in consultation with the consumer.

By using a digitalised system, you should be able to complete the consumer sign up at the initial meeting.

The majority of the information collected in this system can then be integrated into your Client Management System.


This system is used to schedule services, roster care staff and input actual income and expenditure in order to generate the consumer statement.

The information collected in this system can then be integrated into your Finance System.


This system is where you bill consumers for their contributions such as Daily and Income Tested fees and generate the Statement of Account. There is no need to record income and expenditure by individual consumer as that detail is held in your Client Management System.

You can reduce your costs and run more efficiently by ensuring you have the right systems and integrations in place.

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