Consumer Directed Care Reduce your onboarding costs by a third

The consumer on-boarding process starts before you receive any government funding so it’s crucial that you reduce this cost.

On average, it’s costing you $636 to sign up a consumer based on:

· Initial trip to consumer to go through paperwork

· Keying data collected into multiple systems to generate documentation

· Rostering & organising supplier services

· Second visit to review the completed documentation with the consumer

· Maybe third visit required if documentation not correct

This could be reduced to one visit using on-boarding software reducing the cost to around $423, a saving of $213 (33%) per consumer sign up. Based on 100 sign ups per annum, this would translate to a saving of $21,300.

The additional benefits of doing this:

· Improve your case managers’ job satisfaction by getting rid of filling out forms and excel spreadsheets, enabling them to focus on the consumer and their care needs.

· Improve your consumers’ on-boarding experience by including them in the discussion about their care plan and budget as this shows that they are being heard. This is part of your retention model.

By automating the on-boarding process your case managers can focus on the consumer, making it a positive experience for them.

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