Consumer Directed Care – Start With the “Why?” revised post

Simon Sinek’s business is based on starting with the “Why?”. Sometimes you get a different perspective if you ask yourself “WHY?”. If you’re in the home care business you should be questioning every aspect of your processes including the most important process – “Why would I change my consumer on-boarding from a manual to a digitalised process?”

The 3 main reasons for the change are (I revised the order of these due to what I now consider the most important):

  • Ability to improve your consumers’ on-boarding experience you can focus on the consumer and the conversation much better if you’re not filling out paperwork. My idea of a good conversation with the consumer is having them sit next to you and look at the screen with you. Okay, you may have to increase the font size but that’s the least of your worries. This gets their “buy in” and makes them feel included in their care plan and what services they need to improve their life. This will help increase your consumer retention and loyalty.
  • Improving your care managers’ job satisfaction by eiminating manual forms including having to complete budgets in excel spreadsheets you are enabling them to focus on the consumer and their care needs. It’s what they are in this business to do so by giving them better tools to do it increases their job satisfaction and helps create a better bond with the consumer.
  • Ability to reduce your costs by signing up your consumers at the first visit instead of the second or third. There are huge savings to be made by not having to send your care managers back and forth with paperwork for the consumer to sign as that delays the service provision and claiming the funding. Not only are you saving money on staffing costs, the consumer doesn’t want you coming back multiple times as it looks very inefficient and they just want their services to start as soon as possible. Remember, they have probably been waiting for their Home Care Package for quite some time.

By automating the on-boarding process you can improve your efficiencies and staff and consumer satisfaction. It’s part of your marketing strategy which will help you retain your consumers by making it an engaging and positive experience for them.

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