Consumer Directed Care – Transparency and Collaboration

With the Royal Commission just around the corner and Aged Care Providers under the spotlight, it’s important to be as transparent and collaborative as possible so there can be no misunderstanding about your fees and services at the outset of your relationship with your clients.

Focussing on Home Care, it is essential that you get your on-boarding process spot on as that can set you apart from others. If you’re still on-boarding your client using a manual process, the focus tends to be on completing the paperwork instead of the client. Using a digitised system allows you to focus on the client providing transparency and enabling

collaboration. The conversation becomes more focussed on their care needs and how they want to spend their funding.

The additional benefits of doing this:

· Improves your case managers’ job satisfaction by getting rid of filling out forms and excel spreadsheets, enabling them to focus on the consumer and their care needs.

· Improves your consumers’ on-boarding experience by including them in the discussion about their care plan and budget as this shows it’s about them.

By automating the on-boarding process your case managers can focus on the consumer, making it a collaborative and transparent experience for them.

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