Consumer Directed Care – Where will the funding come from?

LASA highlights the ever increasing number of people waiting for a Home Care Package in their article

based on the HCP-Data-Report-2018-19 Data Report 1st Quarter –

The question is – How will the government fund the ever increasing need for more Home Care Packages?

A couple of thoughts:

Consumer assessments undertaken by the Aged Care Assessment Teams. This is a huge cost to the government and more often than not has to be re-done by the Home Care Provider due to the consumer’s needs having changed so much by the time they receive a package. Maybe there’s another way of doing this such as eliminating the need for this assessment and the way the funding is provided?

Charges to the consumer – Need to eliminate the daily fee as that causes a lot of consumer angst and is difficult for the Home Care Provider to collect especially as it is added to the consumer’s Unspent Funds anyway. It’s probably time to review the basis of the Income Tested Fee as this is a more fairer way of charging those who have the means to pay. Having said that, there is a major problem with the way this is currently being done as the backdating of fees is causing so many issues for the provider especially when their funds are being reduced by Medicare that relate to previous years. In most cases the consumer has either left or won’t p

ay which then falls back on the Home Care Provider. They are even losing consumers over this which needs to be addressed as most consumers don’t understand how this works and blame the provider.

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