Home Care – If you’re not doing digital, Why not?

Paper based consumer on-boarding in home care is still very common despite the fact that a Home Care Provider can reduce these costs by at least 25% by going digital.

However there seems to be no rush to do this. Why? Based on some discussions I’ve had with Case Managers, they don’t like typing while conversing with the consumer as they feel like they aren’t focusing on the consumer and maybe even feel a bit rude.

The Solution:

Think about how you’re interacting and communicating with your consumers, and the messages this can subconsciously send. These meetings are the opportunity to develop a closer rapport with the consumer and demonstrate you have embraced a person centred approach in delivering choice and control over their care and support.

Something as simple as the seating arrangement can make a huge difference. If the Case Manager sits next to the consumer to set-up/review their care plan and budget, that sends a message of collaboration and equality. And importantly, the consumer will feel they are contributing to their plan.

Seated next to the consumer, the Case Manager could also go through some “What if” budget scenarios showing them their income and expenditure so they understand why they can/can’t have something. And it’s a great opportunity to consider any unspent funds and what the consumer’s thoughts are on utilising these.

This all makes the process more like a partnership and your consumers will be more likely to stay with you.

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