Home Care – Improving your bottom line

You have improved efficiencies and made the necessary changes across most aspects of your Home Care operations. However, have you thought about the initial on-boarding stage? In the scheme of ‘things’ it probably wasn’t considered while you were addressing other issues such as generating your monthly consumer statements. So why look at the initial on-boarding? If one or more of the following apply to your on-boarding process then there may be a business case for you to automate.

· Relying on manual, paper-based processes to sign up the consumer.

· 2-3 hours of staff time to go through the paperwork with a consumer.

· More than one visit to a consumer to complete all the paperwork.

· Staff manipulating an excel spreadsheet to complete the budget.

· Staff do not have the level of understanding of excel to manipulate the excel spreadsheet accurately.

· Administration staff decipher the case manager’s writing and sometimes getting it wrong.

· Admin staff having to input the consumer information into more than one system.

· Staff drowning in paperwork!

So, if one or more of the dot points apply to you then you know it is costing your organisation money and reputation risk. Both consumers and staff are experiencing an inefficient process and both do not necessarily know how to make it better.

Ok, so let’s presume you have access to cloud-based software designed to make the on-boarding process easier for case managers and consumers. Case Managers access the software via their tablet or laptop. No carting around paper forms and excel spreadsheets, just sit down with the consumer, go through the checklist with the end result being a completed Home Care Agreement, Care Plan, Service Schedule and Individualised Budget at the conclusion of the first visit.

How easy is that? How much consumer and staff satisfaction would this generate for your organisation? How much could you save? Do the numbers, it might be bigger than you think…..

For a demonstration of Care Collaborator (software specifically developed to make the on-boarding process easy for staff and consumers) please contact Debra Ward. You can contact me via the web page: www.carecollaborator.com.au, email debra@carecollaborator.com.au or mobile 0438 020 728.

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