Home Care – Making the sign-up process easy

How do you make the Home Care sign-up process easy for your staff and the consumer? When you consider the number of forms that need to be completed before you can start providing services, it can be overwhelming for both parties.

Your staff dread having to complete the huge number of forms and the consumer just wants their services to start, having waited such a long time for their home care package to come through.

Solution – Digitise the process. Some of the benefits include the following:

  • Relationship building with your consumer

This is the major benefit and will keep your consumer loyal to you. Elimination of paperwork may not sound like a big deal but it can actually change the whole relationship with the consumer. For instance, instead of sitting across the table completing manual forms, you might sit next to them and collaborate on their Care Plan and Budget. This makes them feel like they are making their own choices with your guidance, giving them a lot of satisfaction by the end of the process. Believe it or not, paperwork can set a tone, making it a sterile interaction with little collaboration happening. There’s not much time to interact when you are busy filling out forms!

  • Reducing the number of visits

Manual paperwork increases the number of visits for sign-up. You have to take the paperwork back to the office to key into your software and generate the documentation for signing. Then another trip back to the consumer to sign and maybe another if something needs changing. This isn’t viable and costs an organisation a lot more than they think.

  • Reducing the amount of double handling

Signing up the consumer at the initial visit and not having to take forms back to the office to key into your software reduces double handling, saving you time and money.

  • Reducing the delay in providing services

As mentioned earlier, some consumers have been waiting a long time for their home care package and so when you come to sign them up, they expect the turnaround to be almost instantaneous. You need to be in a position to roster services immediately which means you have to sign them up immediately.

  • Having everything ready for your accreditation

You no longer have to worry about getting everything prepared for accreditation in relation to paperwork as it will all be in one place.

  • Up to date legal documentation

Using a digitised software system ensures you will be working with the most up to date legislation especially when it comes to the Home Care Agreement.

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