Home Care – Maybe it’s time to embrace technology?

Yes, you can on-board or review a Home Care consumer using your paper-based system, but in times like this, technology sure does come in handy and can even make your processes more efficient.


Mary, a Care Manager arranged a zoom session with her new consumer, Joan, to go through the Home Care on-boarding process so she could get Joan signed up and provide services immediately, especially as Joan had just come home from the hospital and needed some help.

Joan was pretty tach savvy after having used skype with her grandchildren during lockdown. Mary shared her zoom screen with Joan and went through the Care Plan and Budget with her so she could participate and ask as many questions as she liked. Mary also checked all Joan’s personal details and added some contacts for emergency purposes. During the budget discussion, they worked on some various scenarios as Joan wasn’t sure what services she wanted at first. Once she decided that she was happy with her Budget, including the services that would be arranged based on her goals, Mary then finalised the process by signing the document online and generating the finished product, including the Russell Kennedy Home Care Agreement, Care Plan, Services Schedule and Budget. Mary and Joan then reviewed the documents and finalised when the services would start, all without leaving their homes. Mary then emailed the documents to Joan and arranged services to start the next day.

As you can see, this can make the process much more efficient and is very appropriate during these times. It makes it easy to get your consumers started with services without delay, especially if they have been waiting for their Home Care Package for a while.

Care Collaborator is cloud-based software and very easy to set up, no matter how big or small your business, allowing you to start using it straight away. We assist with your setup and provide easy online training as soon as you’re ready to go. We are also in the process of developing forms so you can complete any other documents within the software.

By automating the on-boarding process, your care managers can continue to focus on the consumer, making it a positive experience for both of them.

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