How to Calculate and Record Unspent Funds

When a consumer transfers to you after 27 February 2017, they will most likely bring the balance of their “unspent funds” with them. Having said that, it may take up to 56 days to receive the details from the previous provider and another 14 days to receive the funds, as permitted in the legislation.

The previous provider has to provide you with a breakdown of how much the consumer and government have each contributed so you can refund the correct balances when the consumer exits your service.


Bill has been with you for 1 year on a Level 2 package and is now exiting home care permanently. He has an unspent funds balance of $2,000 after deducting your exit fee.

ContributorIncome for one yearCalculation based on balance of unspent funds $,2000Refund amount
Government: Level 2 package$14,632.85$14,632.85 / $17,032.85 x $2,000$1,718.19
Consumer: $200 per month$ 2,400.00$2,400.00 / $17,032.85 x $2,000$281.81
Total income$17,032.85$2,000.00

In order to provide this information, you will need to keep a running balance of the contributions made by the consumer and government from the commencement/transfer in date. Therefore, it is crucial that you have appropriate systems to record this information.

Remember the balance of the consumer’s “Unspent funds” is a liability to your organisation as you have received the funds in advance to be spent on the consumer, therefore if unspent, those funds have to be paid back once the consumer exits your service.

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