How will the initial Home Care Funding changes impact your Cashflow?

In Feb 2021 Home Care Providers won’t receive a funding payment due to the system moving from “Payments in Advance” to “Payments in Arrears”.

Do you know how much this will impact your cash flow and when?

  • In Dec 2020 – your will receive your Dec 2020 & Jan 2021 payments as is usually the case due to the Christmas period.
  • In Jan 2021 – no payment as received in advance in Dec 2020.
  • In Feb 2021 – no payment due to moving to “Payment in Arrears”.
  • In Mar 2021 – receive a payment based on the number of consumers you have as of the end of Feb 2021 etc. This payment will continue to be based on the Level 1 to Level 4 funding model until Sep 2021, when it changes to reimbursement of consumer expenditure.

Impact to your cashflow

If you usually receive $100K per month, you will be short $100K in Feb 2021, meaning you will have to have enough cash to fund this.

Impact on your consumers


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