Supplier Invoice Management

I hear many complaints from clients regarding delays in receiving supplier invoices, The delays impacts the invoices being entered into the consumer’s account through the Client Management System. The problem is if they aren’t input into the correct month the consumer won’t receive an accurate monthly statement and their package balance will be incorrect.

Recommended solution – just before closing off the system for the month and sending out your consumer statements, have your Client Management System automatically approve the consumer’s budgeted expenditure and include as being spent. Once you open up the next month in your system, reverse all the automatically generated supplier invoices and input the actual invoices into the system. The only time you would want to keep your system open for longer and enter the actual invoices would be at year end when you need the data to be accurate.

If your organisation’s policy is to charge your consumers a margin on their supplies, you don’t need to enter the actual dollar amounts from the invoice into your Client Management System however you do need to ensure your consumer has received their service which can be checked once you receive the supplier invoice.

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