The CDC Data Collection Journey

For efficient use of resources, you need to ensure the data required to be collected for Consumer Directed Care is only keyed into any system once – which means setting up a data integration process. If you get this right from the beginning, it will end up saving you significant money by not having to increase staff resourcing.

Here are four simple steps to collecting and utilising the data required for Consumer Directed Care:

Step 1: Collect a consumer’s details in whatever system you currently use, or use a software solution such as Care Collaborator, and integrate the details into your Client Management System. The integration file will include the consumer’s personal details and individual budget details. The data collected in your front end system should enable you to complete the Home Care Agreement, including the Care Plan, Service Schedule and Individualised Budget.

Step 2: Once the data has been integrated into your Client Management System, it will be used to set up each client and their budget which is a major part of generating the monthly statement.

Step 3: You can then integrate the consumer and associated billing details from your Client Management System into your Finance System which is used to generate a monthly Statement of Account.

Step 4: The consumer will, in most cases, receive two monthly statements, one providing them with the balance of their package and the other providing them with any amounts outstanding

The most important message is to ensure you develop a plan to work out the answers to the following questions at the beginning of the process:

  • What data do you need in each of your systems?
  • Which system will you use to initially collect the data?; and
  • What data do you need to integrate between systems?

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