The Why & What of a Good Consumer On-boarding System

Why do you need a good consumer on-boarding software system?

The bottom line is that a good consumer on-boarding software system will make the process more collaborative and therefore more pleasurable for your staff and the consumer. It also makes the process more efficient and saves you money by providing you with:

  • A simplified data collection & document generation system making it easier for you to complete the sign up process
  • A transparent system making it easier for you to collaborate with the consumer
  • A real time budget where you can provide the consumer with “what if” scenarios and highlight how changes to the income & expenditure affect the balance of funds available to them
  • The ability for the consumer to sign on the mobile device which reduces the number of visits you have to make to complete the process
  • A reduction in double keying by being able to integrate the data into other systems which also reduces the risk of re-keying errors
  • A reduction in OH&S incidents by staff not having to lug around excessive equipment.

What features should be included in a good consumer on-boarding software system?

  • All the required documentation is generated in accordance with the Aged Care legislation including the Home Care Agreement, Care Plan & Individualised Budget
  • A Service Schedule is created providing the consumer with a listing of the services they have chosen and the timing of delivery
  • The budget includes all income and expenditure calculations including the end result, ensuring the Home Care Provider is not “out of pocket”
  • The consumer’s information is stored in a secure cloud which is housed securely in Australia and uses an SSL encryption for data security
  • All government subsidies & supplements are updated automatically
  • A recognised Home Care Agreement such as the industry standard one provided by Russell Kennedy, specialists in the Aged Care sector, is used in the software and is maintained by the software provider, ensuring ongoing compliance
  • Being a mobile application, Agreements are able to be signed on the mobile device and completed immediately ensuring a quick turnaround of service delivery.

More importantly, it should be easy to use, affordable with easy set up translating into minimal training and take the stress out of providing home care services. The focus for the provider of home care services should be on the consumer, not on compliance.

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