Embracing Consumer-Directed Care in Aged and Disability Sectors: Enhancing Quality and Satisfaction


Consumer-Directed Care (CDC) is a care model that places consumers at the heart of their care. It allows individuals to have greater control over their care decisions, tailoring services to meet their unique needs and preferences[1]. In the aged and disability care sectors, CDC is increasingly becoming a standard of care, promoting personal choice, flexibility, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The Principles of CDC

CDC is anchored on several fundamental principles. Personal choice is paramount, allowing consumers to select services that align with their lifestyle, health status, and personal preferences[2].

Flexibility is another core principle. With CDC, care plans are not rigid but are adaptable to changing needs and circumstances. Care services remain relevant and effective over time[3].

Control is the third principle. Consumers are not passive recipients of care; they actively participate in decision-making processes, choosing who provides their care and how it is delivered[4].

The Importance of CDC

CDC has profound implications for care quality and customer satisfaction. Allowing consumers to direct their care ensures services are personalised, relevant, and responsive to individual needs. This enhances care quality and improves customer satisfaction[5].


Consumer-directed care is a transformative approach in the aged and disability care sectors. Putting consumers in the driver’s seat ensures care services are personalised, flexible, and controlled by the individual. As the aged and disability care sectors continue to evolve, embracing CDC will be essential to delivering high-quality care that truly meets the needs of consumers.


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